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Industrial IoT shows plus into the future of sustainable performance management

Plug into


of Sustainable Asset Performance Management

We are redefining what’s possible

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with the Industry’s First
Self-Install APM Solution


Affordable, scalable, actionable knowledge


Image of easy to use AI
Industry Domain Expertise

Easy to Use AI and IoT • Fully automated end-to-end • Plug & play with 24x7 asset monitoring • DIY sensor installation by non-experts • Highly scalable & cost effective

Industry Domain Expertise • Domain expertise built into the solution • Vendor engineers not required to install & manage • Deep asset & operational performance knowledge • Energy & emission reduction knowledge

Affordable, Scalable,

Actionable Knowledge

that Solves Reliability & Operations Issues

Asset intensive industries are plagued by

Asset intensive industries are plagued by

Unpredictable asset performance

Excessive lost production

Escalating costs

High energy use & Carbon footprint

Ineffective asset management is a key factor driving instability

Existing automation solutions are complex, expensive, not  scalable and designed for experts

Ineffective asset management is a key factor driving instability

Millions of assets go unmonitored:  inspected  & analyzed manually or


Customers & Partners

How we help our customers improve profitability?

Improve Asset Reliability
Optimize Production & Operations
Reduce Carbon Footprint

Eliminate unplanned downtime 
Reduce maintenance by

Improve Asset


Reduce Carbon


Detect & cut GHG emissions

Monitor & reduce energy waste

Improve efficiency by 5 - 15%

Extend asset life by 20 - 40%

Optimize Production

& Operations

improve profitablity
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