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Provides timely, prescriptive knowledge to:

  • Stabilize operating performance

  • Increase throughput & net operating profit

  • Realize maximum return on capital investment

  • Monitor & reduce emissions & energy 

  • Prevent asset, system & process failures

Our smart sensing & cloud-based AI/ML platform

Our Smart Sensing & Cloud
-based AI/ML Platform

It’s an end-to-end APM platform with
Unlimited Asset Management Capabilities

Workflow diagram

Data Acquisition 



100% Self-installed by non-experts within minutes 

Ingest & visualize process & sensor IoT data from all sources

Assets auto-configured. baseline auto-generated, hIgh accuracy predictions without  historical data 

Alarms, work orders, dashboards,  expert and non-expert workflows

APM platform

Our Enterprise APM Platform 

Uses a Unique Combination of the Most Advanced Technologies
And it’s 100% cloud based with open APIs for easy integration
with a variety of Historians, EAMs and CMMS Systems


Smart Wireless Sensor

Smart Wireless Sensor with

Direct to Cloud Connectivity

Physics Models 
Asset Library in Cloud

Physics Models Asset Library In cloud

AI/ML Predictive Analytics 
Diagnostic Suite in Cloud

Enable Anomaly Detection

Actionable Knowledge Is
Delivered for Each User Type



We make it easy to understand anomalies, causal factors and forcing functions, as well as recommended prescriptive actions to correct them. Users get the answers they need: what, how and when.

Reliability Engineering Experts

Reliability Engineering Experts

Rich operational data and deep insights are available for reliability engineers to analyze specific asset, system and process health. They have full visibility and flexibility to effectively use predictive analytics that incorporates all the process and vibration data

Return on
Invested Capital

Optimize Production & Operations



Useful Life



Operating Stability


  • Optimal Asset Performance

  • Optimal Operations Performance

Our unique AI/ML software driven approach focuses on achieving:

Optimize Production
& Operations

By changing the focus of predictive analytics from predictive maintenance & failure prevention to operational optimization, the tangible benefits are unlimited.

It’s not just about the Maintenance

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